White Light Versus Colored Light

White Light Versus Colored Light. White lights add such a subtle glimmer and magical quality to holiday decorating. White light is called as white because it consists of seven colors.

Colored vs. White Lights - Tommy Nelson
Colored vs. White Lights – Tommy Nelson from samicone.com

This is because white light is known to have several advantages. Bright white light comprises all the colors, as can be seen if a beam of light was shone through a prism. The light sources that have blazing radiators tend to have a cri of about 100 since all the colors in the cri spectrum are shown equally in its form.

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We usually call it as vibgyor. Remember that white light is not truly white, it is a combination of all colors in the visible spectrum. Libs i was outside today decorating my home with christmas lights and i decided to decorate my home with all white lights because i like the white christmas lights better then the i do the colored christmas. When light, not paint, is the medium—and you're subtracting, not.

White Light Versus Colored Light

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