Vaulted Cathedral Ceiling

Vaulted Cathedral Ceiling. A vaulted ceiling does not have two equal, sloping sides that are parallel to the roof's pitch. They can make a small room feel more spacious and a large.

9 best Vaulted Ceiling Lights images on Pinterest ...
9 best Vaulted Ceiling Lights images on Pinterest … from

Just be sure you know what you know what you are buying. See more ideas about vaulted ceiling lighting, vaulted ceiling, cathedral ceiling. Vaulted ceilings are not a terribly common primary bedroom ceiling type.

Vaulted and cathedral ceilings have come in and out of favour over the years but their potential for dramatic spaces cannot be denied.

Beautiful decorated vaulted ceiling of the cathedral from the inside. Most bedrooms have simple ceilings but there are also some that are intricately decorated. Unlike cathedral ceilings, vaulted ceilings are not usually designed with the same slope as the roof. The 14th century stone vault which forms the nave and quire ceiling is one of the glories of exeter cathedral.

Vaulted Cathedral Ceiling

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