Living Room Setting Blank Wall

Living Room Setting Blank Wall. This is a listing for a single sconce or a set of 2 farmhouse inspired mason jar wall sconces. We are hoping for some inspiration regarding our main floor living room.

Inspiration Mash Up: 10 Vintage Inspired Gallery Walls ...
Inspiration Mash Up: 10 Vintage Inspired Gallery Walls … from

Make sure to check out all. Looking for large wall decor ideas for a living room? Your choice of color scheme sets the tone for your living room.

Roll out a neutral rug underfoot to tie the space together in an understated style, then dress up nearby walls with cityscape photographic prints and geometric.

They set the backdrop to everything else that you do in this living area. As a living room accent wall, decals like these would definitely do the job of drawing attention to the right places. We initially had a fireplace on the right hand wall, but removed it because we were not sure it was necessary. Blank walls can feel like one of the most daunting decorating tasks, but a little inspiration can go a long way.

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