Asian Recipes Beef

Ingre.nts. lbs flank steak thinly sliced. cup teaspoons cornstarch divided use. tablespoons vegetable oil. teaspoons minced garlic. teaspoon minced ginger. teaspoon toasted sesame oil. cup low sodium soy sauce. cup water..Whether you re looking to make Mongolian beef or classic beef and broccoli, find dozens of tempting Chinese beef main dish recipes to make at home. See how to prepare this easy beef stir fry. Thin slices of beef sirloin are quickly stir fried with colorful vegetables and soy sauce..You ll be eating these Asian beef recipes on repeat..Perfect for a busy weeknight dinner! BEEF . lb flank or skirt steak or use pre sliced stir fry beef from the store. Tbsp soy sauce. Tbsp mirin. Tbsp cornstarch. Tbsp sesame oil. VEGETABLE TOPPING inch celery stalks julienned into thin long strips..