Asian Oxtail Recipes

Authentic Chinese braised oxtails in soy sauce and spices cooked until they re tender and extremely flavorful, this oxtail recipe is as good or much better than any oxtail stew you ve ever tried! Clean the oxtails and pat them dry. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium high heat and brown them on all sides..Preparation. Arrange oxtails in single layer in heavy large pot. Add next ingre.nts, then enough water to cover oxtails by inch bring to boil. Spoon off and discard fat from sauce. Meanwhile, cook yu choy in large pot of boiling salted water until just tender, about minutes. Divide yu choy among shallow .Ingre.nts. lb. oxtails, most external fat trimmed. cups homemade beef stock, canned low sodium chicken broth, or water. whole star anise. inch rounds fresh ginger. cups halved and sliced onions. garlic cloves, sliced. cup soy sauce. Tbs. dark brown sugar..Asian Style Braised Ox Tail a recipe which was inspired after watching this episode from Gordon Ramsay s Ultimate Home Cooking where he .This Korean braised oxtail is so flavorful and fork tender! Thanks to many of you who have asked for pressure cooker or Instant Pot recipes, .A delicious, oxtail stew slowly cooked with tomatoes, carrots, and onions..